Social media strategies + hashtags
Advertising/Promotional campaigns
Social campaign data analysis
The 5 W’s

The Process

Who is your audience?
What does your audience respond to?
How do you measure results?

Stage 1:

• Review social media security settings & add 2 Factor Authentication
• Identifying your audience
• Determine what resonates with your audience

Stage 2:

  • Develop & implement a global social media brand via a hashtag

  • Determine your social media engagement ROI (Return on Investment)

  • Teach how to capture moments that tell your story

The 5W’s – What resonates with your audience?

Who? (Who responds to what kind of post?)

What? (What is the message behind your story?)

Where? (Is your audience familiar with this location?)

Why? (Does it strike an emotional chord?)

When? (Short or long-term versus a specific date?)

Memorable posts > Conversations > Relationships > Business

Imagine text in floor tiles

In order to start, you have to imagine.
Photo by Lynsey Marriott

Child taking a leap of faith at camp

Take a leap of faith, and try something new.

What are the results?

Target with arrow bullseye

Photo by Vinny Trierweiler

Is your social profile on target?

Are you getting?

  • Inquiries?

  • Direct messages?

  • Notifications?

  • New projects?

  • New clients?

How are business opportunities created?

Conversation threads on posts
Relationships via multiple interactions
Top of mind – 95% read without responding
Memorable – think global and mobile
Micro-influencer – trusted advisor
Conversations over a 6 – 9 month period
Networking events or 1:1 Discovery (in person)

How will you measure the results?



Likes ( So What?)


Shares without comments

BONUS ROUND – Digital Engagements:

Conversation threads

In person conversations, feedback & stories

Shares with relevant comments – min. 4 words

Did they approach the top of the sales funnel?