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85% of businesses that are hacked do not survive. We help executives expand the reach & depth of their business by securing their online accounts and indexing their digital content that blazes a trail to the future and beyond.

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Healthcare Cyber Security Consultant
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Healthcare Equipment Consultant

We strive to bridge the gap between administration, IT security, and clinical equipment vendors. We connect these three facets together in a seamless and easy to understand process.

Why Choose us

What We Do.

Over the last 30+ years, We have accomplished a lot of feats, and amassed even more skills.

Social Media

Data Driven

The numbers speak for themselves. We just help you understand what they say.

In Depth

We help you understand the root issues and causes of problems in your campaigns and strategies.

Structure Based

We understand your business and it's story, and develop a plan to achieve maximum engagement on numerous platforms.

Security is #1

Cyber Security is more important now than it has ever been. We evaluate the path data takes in your company and identify possible vulnerabilities.

More Than Just Advertising
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Relationships Are Key
What You Receive

More Than Just Data

Many companies offer you a pretty report showing you the exposure, and ROI. that is great, but what we do that is different, is we help you see the conversions.  The conversations, sales, and consultations that come from your investment. Over time, you’ll see your business and it’s relationship with your new and existing customers grow to unprecedented positions.


What our clients say

He helped me with social medial account security. I kept receiving instagram reset password emails, even after I changed password twice. Found that my account was compromised, which I never would of found on my own. I consider myself tech savvy as well. He saved me from a bigger cyber hack

Alyssa B. Google Review

Dave was extremely prompt, thorough, and knowledgeable. He lead me in the best direction for my small business & personal needs regarding my computer and security.

Jeff D. Google Review

Dave stayed with us in Savannah for a small vacation and we really appreciated the professional quality of his reviews of our city and services. I was given the opportunity to speak with him concerning how to help reach more guests with social media. Thank you Dave. It was so nice to meet you.

Teresa H. Google Review

Dave has helped me more than once to secure hacked websites and FB. Thank you Dave. He's very knowledgeable and so very easy to work with.

Sue P. Google Review

5 Star Google Rating

Karen McAndrews - Visionary Video & Marketing Solutions

“I recommend anyone interested in boosting their campaign, helping to create an edge in campaigns or business, contact Dave Meeker. You won’t be disappointed.”

D.J. Davis - Hancock County Superior Court 1 Judge

Social media secret weapon for our social media startup for Hancock Health & The McCordsville Wellness Center

Steve Long - CEO Hancock Health

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