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Cyber Security in Healthcare

Bridging The Gap

We assist with the risk assessments with clinical, lab, imaging equipment. We handle the implementation and processing between the healthcare administration, medical product vendors, and IT security. 


We have experience in clinical safety equipment repair, as well as clinic planning and design. We truly believe Form Follows Function. We have experience as a volunteer firefighter/EMT as well, meaning we have been on both sides of the patient.

We Build Teams

Regardless of the project, we always build a group of individuals working towards a common goal. Whether it is earning stars for reporting safety problems, to translating complex processes to someone who doesn't fully understand.

Understanding Bad Actors

When a cyber security threat arises, it usually revolves around a single point of contact. We're hyperfocused on teaching our clients to be Proactive instead of reactive.

Teaching People To Fish

We not only help you to understand how to be proactive, but we teach you so that you can learn the process and teach it to others.

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